This page has been created by two friends, Frenchman Laurent and Mexican Julio. After a Bachelor in German and English and a Master’s in European Studies, both of which allowed him to study in France, Germany, Austria and Spain, Laurent went on to carrying out traineeships and working in the international cooperation field in Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, France and Chile. He is very interested in Human Rights, Education, Regional integration processes, and the EU-LAC biregional cooperation.

Julio studied International Affairs in Mexico. He was already interested in the European reality and took some courses about the European Union in his home country where he learnt about the Latin American view on the EU. He then obtained a Master’s in European Studies in France, during which he went on an exchange semester to Poland. He had the chance to carry out internships at various Embassies in Mexico, Ireland and Belgium, all of which allowed him to get to know multiple aspects of Europe and compare them with Latin America. He currently works at the International Relations Office of a Mexican environmental association. He is interested in Environment, International Relations Theories, Big Data, Security, and EU/LAC Biregional Cooperation.

Julio and Laurent noticed that there was a lack of understanding of each other’s region among politicians, high officials and the society in general. Everyone ignores each other’s reality, and yet we live in a globalized world in which international relations define our lives. Due to their respective experiences, both have an overall understanding of the two regions. They decided to raise their voices because politicians do not listen to the opinions of the citizens.

This blog is not meant to publish thorough analysis, none of the two people writing are researchers. It is just an attempt at giving opinions on matters that they are interested in, based on facts and ideas to connect both continents. English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese will be the languages of writing depending on the subject: both consider indeed that languages are a great advantage when it comes to understanding the reality between the two regions.

The name of this Blog adresses this idea: Mi EU/LAC stands for “Mutual initiative European Union/Latin America and the Caribbean”. In Spanish, “Mi” means “My”, so the title also corresponds to an attempt at passing on the idea that this blog is theirs, two citizens from two regions that just want to connect people through ideas.

Contact us by e-mail at: mieulac@gmail.com.


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